Pen Lub™

Pen Lub™

Pen Lub™ Penetrating Lubricant

Penetrates rust – Stops squeaks – Moisture displacing

  • Pen Lub™ is a silicone free product that is harmless to plastics, metals and isolated parts. Following application parts can be painted, plated or welded.
  • Due to the many specific applications and general uses of this product Pen Lub™ will replace many of the various sprays and dielectric grease currently in use.
  • Pen Lub™ is H2 food approved for use around food.

Penetrating Lubricant Pen Lub™ – “Magic Juice”

Many customers have told us that after using this product on a few specific challenges their staff are now coming up with new uses for this amazing product. One customer simply calls up and orders a case of “Magic Juice!”

With only one application, Pen Lub™ penetrating lubricant penetrates metal pores, disperses humidity and moisture, and film. Pen Lub™ can be applied directly on sensitive mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment.

These applications are applicable to the transportation, marine and industrial applications. Due to its superior anti corrosive properties Pen Lub™ can be applied to equipment going into storage for up to a year to protect from damage from moisture and dust.


  • Motors and generators
  • Locks
  • Fans
  • Circuit breakers, integrated and switches
  • Mine and Marine equipment
  • Elevators
  • Assembly line
  • Penetrating fluid
  • Anti-friction applications
  • Pneumatic tools & systems
  • Sprinklers
  • Many, many more


  • Dielectric:
  • Aerosol………..14.7 kV
  • Bulk liquid…….29.8 kV
  • Antifriction
  • Dissipates moisture
  • Prevents rust
  • Lubricates
  • Cleanses in depth
  • Does not harm plastic
  • Does not attract dust, dirt, or airborne pollutants
  • Safe for integrated circuitry
  • Silicone free
  • Food approved standard H-2, CFIA No. :/L125

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