Marine Propulsion Products


Workboat Industry Gear Oil & Additives

As a result of specific requirements and requests by the marine industry related to the extreme propulsion and Z-Drive systems available today, Lubri-Lab Inc. has developed marine specific gear oil and gear additives to meet the increasing challenges of the Workboat Marine Industry while being applicable to all marine applications.

These products have extensive applications in pumps and other water or moisture intensive applications.

marine gear additive by lubri-lab inc.

Marine Gear Additive: SA 1084

This product was specifically designed for Z-Drive propulsion systems and has been industry tested in extreme propulsion systems as well. It has been formulated to withstand substantial water contamination. When blended in marine gear oil, SA 1084 will display excellent extreme pressure test results while maintaining good corrosion, foam resistance and anti-wear performance.

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lubri-lab marine gear thruster gear oil

Marine Thruster Gear Oil: SA 1083

A high performance synthetic marine gear oil, specifically designed for heavy duty marine thruster gear application. SA 1083 is engineered to meet the challenges of today’s marine thrusters operating under higher temperatures and stress, resulting in optimized equipment performance; reduced oil consumption; extended oil drain intervals and reduced maintenance costs. Marine Thruster Gear Oil uses synthetic base oils and an additive system carefully balanced to minimize wear and enhance the performance of all critical gearbox components, including gears, bearings and seals.
The high viscosity index and low traction coefficient of this oil combine to provide a wide range operating temperature. Moreover, SA 1083 offers excellent rust and corrosion protection in the presence of both fresh and saltwater.

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