Lubri-Lab BC…Corrosion…not just about lubrication!

Eliminate Corrosion in Tough Environments!

One of the primary issues that we often hear from customers when we are discussing lubrication solutions is the issue of corrosion and the build up of rust on all types of metals including; pot metal (iron), stainless steel, steel, brass and copper. With customers located up and down the west coast from Alaska, through British Columbia to Oregon it is often easy to look at the corrosion issue as it relates to the Marine Industry or those industries located along waterways; including ports and drilling/dredging companies.But corrosion is a significant problem no matter the industry, and manufacturing, mining, water treatment and many other industries all experience the effects of corrosion.

While the majority of Lubri-Lab BC’s lubrication products, provide protection from corrosion, specific products are designed to remove rust and corrosion in addition to products which will protect and prevent further damage from the effects of rust.

Available in a liquid or gel (thereby increasing application methods) Proxilab will breakdown and remove rust contaminates form most metal, leaving a clean surface safe to paint should that be required. Lubri-Lab’s Rust Defense can then be applied to limit further corrosion in the future. This product is also available in liquid bulk or aerosol formats. Further information can be found at or feel free to contact us for more information regardless of your corrosion challenge!

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