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Holland America Line has made our CCL grease their standardized grease for the fleet. Read the letter from Ed Ramaekers, Director of Technical Operations for Holland America Line.


From: Ramaekers, Eduard (HAL)
Sent: Thursday, March 14, 2013 3:04 PM
To: HAL DistList: Staff Captains
Cc: HAL Distlist: Safety Officers; HAL DistList: Masters; HAL DistList: Chief Engineers; Versteeg, Michiel (HAL); Boksem, Rob (HAL); Deelstra, Cees (HAL); Krombeen, Henrik (HAL); Nevey, Steve (HAL)
Subject: Standarized grease for LSA wires.


As we all know preventing corrosion on the wires is very important to prevent premature failures, on the other hand maintaining these wires is a lot of work and therefore we have been trying to find a suitable grease that:

  • Protects well
  • Easy to maintain and apply
  • Has a long life.
  • Within our fleet we use different greases which we would like to have standardized. To choose a standardized grease we have been in close cooperation with Naval Impianti.
    Several test have been completed and we have made the decision to introduce this grease as the standardized grease for the fleet.

    Name: CCL
    Manufacturer: Lubri-Lab
    Supplier: Naval Impianti
    MSDS: Attached

    The grease is compatible with the greases that are in use now however we suggest that you start using the new grease when you renew a wire.

    The grease is very thin and can be applied with a spray and or cloth however because it is so thin it cannot be applied with a tool as some ships have in use at the moment.

    The grease is clear which makes it easier to inspect the wire and has very good adhesive properties which creates a very good protective film.

    We are also working with NI to get the wires already pre coated on board.

    Please order sufficient grease and start using it going forward.
    Thanks for the cooperation.



    Ed Ramaekers
    Director, Technical Operations
    Holland America Line Phone: 206 286 3248

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