Green Technology

lubri-lab products respect the environement

Lubricants for Industry that Respect the Environment

Many organizations profess a commitment to the environment or claim to be a “Green” company, but the proof of this is often in the products they produce or the impact those products have on the environment.

Lubri-Lab Inc. was founded on the belief that products often associated with heavy industry, transportation and construction can be manufactured with a focus on producing the best functioning lubricants possible, while respecting the environment and the impact we have on it.

For example:

Greases: manufactured without the use of heavy metals and toxins (Lithium & Moly) making them safe for the environment and the people using them while still performing at the highest levels for these products. (ASTM Testing) These products when introduced to either salt or fresh water will not leave a sheen on the surface of the water.

Fuel & Oil Additives: Reducing carbon footprint, through improved fuel economy, reduction of leaks and oil use, and the reduction of emissions. Xtra Diesel is EPA Approved.

Bio-Degradable Synthetic Oils: 100% Bio-Degradable Oils for hydraulics, gears and compressors which provide safe operation in environmentally sensitive locations.

Many of Lubri-Lab BC’s products are food approved in Canada and the United States. All MSDS and CFIA confirmations are available upon request.