“Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants”…Experience Matters!

When it comes to Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants; many companies are scrambling to meet the environmental standards being set forth (both ethical and regulatory), while one company has been focused on this belief from day one.

In 1988, Jacques Tremblay founded Lubri-Lab Inc. on the premise that he could produce the finest lubricants designed to withstand the most extreme industrial situations without the use of heavy metals and toxins, thereby making them friendly to not only the environment but to the individuals who use them. Industry and the world are rapidly catching up with these values!

So what does Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants mean? One of the standards that is often used in the marine industry is the United States, “EPA Marine VGP” regulations set out in 2013. These rules established regulations around lubricants and fluids that can potentially come in contact with the marine environment. While currently in force for ships of specific length these guidelines are a great measurement for any operator working on or around oceans or lakes. The same applies for companies that are inland but work on or around environmentally sensitive locations.

One of the key measurements in these regulations is the biodegradability of the product in a 28 day test period…the minimum standard is >60%; many companies will simply show this as “Pass” in their Product Guides…what this means is that should for some reason the product come in contact with the waterway how much of the product will biodegrade in 28 days. This is where testing and years of focus come into play…for example; many industries working in the marine environment require quality hydraulic oil…Lubri-Lab BC’s “Bio-Tope Hydrau” will not only outperform most standard hydraulic oils by 4 – 5 times, it also has a biodegradability of >85%. Bio-Tope Hydrau is currently being used by BC Ferries in their vehicle ramps having passed extensive operational and environmental standards, and after successful testing in two ramps a third is being planned.

This Synthetic Biodegradable Oil is one of a group of oils for hydraulics; gears and compressors…for more information on these products which are also food approved check the link: http://lubrilabbc.com/biodegradable-synthetic-oils/.

This commitment to the environment includes our Grease’s: TOP5 (impact grease) S350 (all purpose grease) and ALIMEX-1 (H1 food approved grease). These greases withstand load bearing pressures of 3 to 4 times  industry standard, have temperature ratings of -40 to +600 Degrees (F) and 0 – <1% water washout, while leaving no sheen on the water surface.

For more information on these and our many other Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants, please check our website: www.lubrilabbc.com

One final note…there is often a concern that environmentally friendly products are far more expensive. Being a Canadian company, places Lubri-Lab and Lubri-Lab BC in a unique position to provide quality products to Canada and the US at reasonable cost point.

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