Biotope-Hydrau™ by Lubri-Lab

Synthetic Fluid for hydraulic system

Biotope-Hydrau™ is a bio-based fully synthetic hydraulic fluid specially designed for sensitive applications. Biotope-Hydrau™ offers an excellent protection against wear. This essential element maintains the pump efficiency. Biotope-Hydrau™ is compatible with the conventional seals, resists corrosion and easily separates itself from water and debris in the separator/filter before returning again in the system.

Biotope-Hydrau™ has better resistance than conventional oil under extreme temperature, oxidation and stays cleaner through all the operations.

According to the test of stability of oil with turbine, ASTM D 943 shows that after 2000 hours there is no change in the TAN (Total Acid Number) and thus offers an increased resistance to oxidation.

Biotope-Hydrau™ meets or exceeds the requirements of:

  • Din 51524 Parts 1 and 2
  • US Steel 127.136
  • Din 51506, VDL Performance also for lower grades
  • Dinson HF-0

Biotope-Hydrau™ Applications

  • Recommended for systems using screw type, reciprocating and vane pump mobile and stationary hydraulic systems
  • Highly recommended for equipment located in extreme temperature environments, near water ways including construction on bridges and culverts, golf courses as it will not damage the greens and fairways or marine environments.

Advantages of Biotope-Hydrau™

  • Resists against corrosion and oxidation
  • Excellent anti-wear properties
  • Avoids the oil loss due to sliding
  • Compatible with the seals
  • Separates itself easily from water and debris
  • Keeps the system cleaner
  • Resists compression while maintaining its fluidity

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