Lubri-Lab BC

Targeting the Needs of Industry

Since 1988, the primary objective of Lubri-Lab Inc., has been to improve the technology of current lubrication and discover new technology that targets the needs of industry. From its inception Lubri-Lab Inc has been an industry leader in the belief that these products can be “best-in-performance” while generating minimal impact on the environment.

In keeping with that belief, many of our products meet current “EAL” Environmentally Approved Lubricant and new US VGP standards which came into effect December 2013.

We provide solutions to many complex maintenance problems and are able to formulate customized lubricants for specific industrial needs. We welcome the opportunity to work with organizations and solve their lubrication challenges.

lubri-lab develops industry specific lubricants that are safe for the environment

Reducing Maintenance Costs

Our products are especially formulated with the goal of providing a net reduction in maintenance and operating costs, while extending the life of machinery and equipment.

lubri-lab respects the environment

Respecting the Environment

Lubri-Lab is an environmentally-conscious company. Our products have been developed with respect for the environment and our desire to protect it. READ MORE

Tribology Works for You

The science and technology of the interaction between surfaces in movement. It includes the study of lubrication, friction and wear.