A “Three Hour Cruise”…on board Disney “WONDER”

With apologies to “Gilligan’s Island”…During a recent “Port of Call” in Vancouver, my colleague Claude Sauvignon, VP Sales, North America and I were invited on board the Disney Cruise Lines “Wonder”. This ship is currently sailing between Vancouver and various stops in Alaska, for the 2016 season, with a dry dock refurbish scheduled for the fall.

The purpose of our meeting was to demonstrate the value of the Lubri-Lab line of lubricants with a specific goal of introducing them to “CCL” our cable and wire lubricant for the cables on the lifeboats. Lubri-Lab is currently providing Holland America and others with this product. Some of the attributes that these corporations are please with: the product dries clean and clear on the cable (no more greasy cables) will not drip on the deck (or the customers) provides superior protection against corrosion while ensuring exceptional lubricating properties. And of course like many of the Lubri-Lab products is Environmentally Acceptable and will not leave a sheen on the water when in contact with either salt or fresh water. For more information: http://lubrilabbc.com/specialty-lubricants/ccl-chain-cable-lube/

What was originally intended as a three hour presentation, evolved into a full day of tours of the ship, discussions surrounding lubrication and corrosion issues with the crew being incredibly accommodating and very interested in how Lubri-Lab could assist them in better maintenance and safety operations.

Demonstrations of “S350” Grease and “Pen Lub” Lubrication & Dielectric Spray, generated significant enthusiasm and very quickly a crew of maintenance experts were identifying uses of these products all over the ship!

Often you leave sales presentations with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and this was certainly the case for Claude and I however that excitement was confirmed when we were notified that the “Wonder” will be placing an order for all of the above mentioned products. Our “Three Hour Cruise” has opened the door to another exciting customer and the remainder of the Disney fleet. Thanks to the amazing crew of the Disney “Wonder”!

Shane Hanna; Lubri-Lab BCVision2

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