Resin Off

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Resin Off™ Resin Cleaner

Resin Off™ is a powerful cleaner which dissolves wood resin over steel and carbide blades. In the forest industry, when in contact with blades and other parts, resin poses a problem. It becomes very difficult to remove, causing high replacement costs.

Resin Off™:

  • Dissolves the resin without scratching
  • Is a water based product
  • Is inherently biodegradable
  • Cleans rust parts
  • Cleans soot and dust from industrial clothing

Resin Off™ Cleans Parts Without Harming the Environment

Resin from trees is very tacky and in most cases, it is impossible to clean properly without sandblasting or using solvents. With Resin Off, it is not necessary to use any products harmful to the environment or to the parts. Laboratory tests show Resin Off is able to clean parts that previously were considered unusable due to the buildup of resin.

Resin Off™ can be used on:

  • Saw blade ( steel, carbide teeth, serrated)
  • Planner knife
  • Skinner knife
  • Grinder knife
  • Sharpener
  • Chain saw sprocket and cutting chain

Application and Directions:

In the case of blades with resin build-up, soak the blades in Resin Off at full strength, rinse
with water and wipe dry. For continuous protection, spray regularly with half strength to reduce resin build-up.

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