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Specialty Lubricants & Corrosion Solutions

For over 25 years Lubri-Lab has focused on developing not only the highest quality greases and fuel/oil additives but has developed a full line of specialty lubricants which provide lubrication and corrosion solutions in nearly every imaginable industry.

Many of these products are food approved and maintain the strong commitment to the environment.

Lubri-Lab Specialty Lubricant Products

Specialty Lubricants are available in both Aerosol and Bulk for ease of application dependent upon your requirements.

CCL™ Chain & Cable lube by Lubri-Lab


CCL penetrates and lubricates the inner mechanisms of rolling chains. Its extreme pressure properties help to maintain the configuration between moving parts while also preventing oxidization.

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Pen Lub

Pen Lub™

Penetrates metal pores, disperses humidity, moisture & film. Can be applied directly on sensitive mechanical, electrical & electronic equipment for transportation, marine and industrial applications.

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May be applied directly over rust to provide a protective coating. Proxilab™ binds with the original metal and prevents rust on all metallic surfaces. It’s safe for seals, washers, wood, plastics and polymer.

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Resin Off™

Resin Off™ dissolves wood resin over steel and carbide blades without scratching and is not harmful to the environment. Resin build-up on parts previously thought to be unusable are restored with Resin Off™.

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rust defense Lubri-lab Inc

Rust Defense™

Excellent adhesion to metal, doesn’t drip, penetrates metal and hidden parts. Rust Defense™ is stable under a range of temperatures, is salt resistant, dries in a few hours and protects even under water.

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Process D™ by Lubri-Lab

Process D™

Dissolves and eliminates varnish, gum and sludge and cleans deposits formed on the internal engine parts. Your engine runs more smoothly and with less wear.

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Block Aid™ by Lubri-Lab

Block Aid™

Contaminants in the air come to rest on chains, cables and the shafts of hydraulic cylinders. Block Aid™ fights the problems caused by such harsh environmental conditions.

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