Alimex-1™ Food Equipment Grease

Alimex-1 by Lubri-Lab Inc
Alimex-1™ is distinguished by its exceptional mechanical stability; high dropping point 318 C (608 F) and performance under water washout circumstances. It is a state of the art, high performance grease which outperforms other premium, high temperature greases.

Alimex-1™ Certified H-1 Grease

Alimex-1™ is a certified H-1 Grease approved for incidental contact with food. It is designed for use in all food processing areas including mixing; baking; packaging; bottling and canning. In addition, this grease will be of interest to Public Works departments in greasing Fire Hydrant Bearings.

All greases are available in Tubes; 17kg pail; 55kg keg and 205 kg drum.

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