Lubri-lab greases

Environmental Greases from Lubri-Lab

Lubri-Lab has developed and manufactures a line of greases which are distinguished by a number of traits; most notably a base of modified calcium sulfonates. This technology outperforms other high temperature grease including Lithium Complex; Aluminum Complex and Polyurea.

Lubri-Lab Manufactures 3 greases which will replace greases currently on the market in most circumstances.

All greases are available in Tubes; 17kg pail; 55kg keg and 205 kg drum.

Compare these greases and see what separates us from other manufacturers:

  • High range of operating temperature’s rating from -40 Degrees to +726 Degrees F
  • From 0 to <1% water washout
  • Resists Oxidation; Greases life performance is typically increased by 2-3 times that of a mineral oil based grease
  • Corrosion Resistance: Sulfonates are known and used for their excellent rust prevention properties
  • In the suite of standardized ASTM tests, Lubri-Lab Greases typically outperform in all tests by up to 4 times that of mineral oil based greases and 2-3 time that of other sulfonates and synthetic greases
  • All of our greases maintain a food approved designation in both Canada and the United States
  • Due to the make-up of these grease and the fact that they contain no heavy metals or other environmentally sensitive additives, the product is environmentally friendly for use in and around water sheds, environmentally sensitive applications and in general use.

Lubri-Lab Greases Reduce Operational Costs

Many of our customers have noted a significant reduction in operational cost through reduced consumption of grease (the grease stays put and limited washout) as well as less down time for maintenance and bearing wear/failure.


s350 all purpose grease

A high performance, multi-purpose Calcium Sulfonate Grease, with applications in the Industrial, Marine and Automotive industries.

H2 Food Approved.

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Top 5 Impact Grease

An impact Grease with very tacky properties and excellent adhesion to metal even under water wash conditions and high temperatures.

H2 Food Approved.

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Alimex-1 by Lubri-Lab Inc

Alimex-1™, a certified H1 Food Equipment Grease is distinguished by its exceptional mechanical stability and is designed for use in all food processing areas including mixing; baking; packaging; bottling and canning.

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