Integral 7™ Lubri-Lab engine oil additive

Concentrated Engine Oil Treatment

  • Integral 7™ is an additive specially formulated for use in both gasoline and diesel engines. The anti-friction formula forms a molecular film which reduces friction, heat and wear.
  • Prevents the formation of deposits and eliminates them, and does not burn up when the engine is turned off. This leads to quieter and lubricated starts even after being parked over time.
  • Helps to maintain viscosity levels which prevents the oil from thinning at high temperature.
  • Improves the power and efficiency of all engines but in particular older engines resulting in increased life of the engine and less maintenance.

Directions for Use

Directions: Add 10% of Integral 7 at each oil change; For Heavy Diesel Engines add 10% to a maximum 2 Liters.


  • Improves engine life
  • Extends useful life of oil
  • Reduces wear and corrosion
  • Neutralizes acids and alcohol
  • Improves power by restoring compression
  • Better lubrication under extreme conditions of temperature, speed and pressure
  • Reduces oil consumption and exhaust smoke
  • Contains no chlorine or PTFE
  • Will not cause sludge in engine
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Food approved standard H-2, CFIA No. :/L125

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