Fuel & Oil Additives

Lubri-Lab fuel additives

Fuel & Oil Additives for Industry

Lubri-Lab has over the years developed specialty products designed to improve the quality, longevity and functionality of the various fluids used by industry. While it may not always be necessary to move to bio-degradable fluids as outlined in our Bio-Tope series of products, Lubri-Lab BC carries a complete line of additives which regardless of the scenario improve the lubricity and operational functions of your equipment.

Additives for Gear Oil and Manual Transmissions

Ultra G™

Ultra G Lubri-Lab Inc.

Additive for Gear Oil and Manual Transmissions. Ultra G™ extends life and reduces friction and noise in power transmission systems.

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Multi 1™

Multi 1

Additive for Hydraulic Oil and Automatic Transmissions. Multi 1™ maintains the viscosity of oil under extreme conditions of work and heat.

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SA 1084


Marine Gear Additive developed specifically for marine drives, Z-Drives & pumps and other water or moisture intensive applications.

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In addition to the above, some of the most common Additives include:


Xtra Diesel fuel additive

Diesel Fuel Conditioner XTRA DIESEL™ improves the overall performance of Diesel fuel. It improves fuel economy by as much as 2.8% while cleaning the fuel system, eliminating deposits, algae and water.

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Detona+ by Lubri-Lab

Gasoline Additive Detona+™ protects the fuel distribution system from corrosion and rust, reduces deposits in combustion chamber and intake valves and reduces emissions. In addition, it will optimize fuel economy and engine performance and improves power and acceleration.

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Integral 7™

Integral 7 Lubri-Lab product

Concentrated Engine Oil Treatment, Integral 7 is an additive specially formulated for use in both gasoline and diesel engines. Integral 7 improves the power and efficiency of all engines but in particular older engines resulting in increased life of the engine and less maintenance.

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