Environmentally Friendly Grease

Lubri-Lab BC…”Still Slippery When Wet”

 Yes it is a funny catch phrase, but Lubri-Lab’s greases are having a tremendous impact on the marine industry. A combination of 0 – <1% water washout and causing no sheen on the water surface, should these products come in contact with a body of water, have made these products in high demand by the marine industry. Whether you enjoy rivers, lakes or the ocean for pleasure or are operating a working boat these products will not only protect your investment with the highest levels of lubricity on the market, but will also protect your employees and the environment.

Next week, we will be demonstrating these great products at Redden Marine: April 13th in Bellingham WA; April 14th & 15th in Homer AK and April 16th & 17th in Cordova AK.

If you are in the area come by for a demo and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about these or our many other products.

Lubri-lab greases

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