Bio-tope Air™ by Lubri-Lab

Biotope-Air™ Synthetic Fluid for Compressors

This bio-based environmentally sensitive, synthetic fluid for compressors provides a new approach to both the environmental aspect of this oil and its high performance in air compressors. While applicable to all types of air compressors in particular the severe operations of rotary compressors (both screw and sliding vane) and reciprocating compressors (both air and water cooled) are perfectly suited to the significant tolerances of this product. The high operating temperatures of this equipment (250F – 500F) require drain intervals of conventional mineral oils of 500 – 1000 hours.

Use of Biotope-Air™ increased drain intervals to 8000 hours.

Features and Benefits of Biotope-Air™

  • Biobased Formula
  • Superior Oxidation Resistance – Longer Oil Life (8000 hours & up)
  • Excellent Thermal Stability – No varnish deposits, longer oil life
  • High Viscosity Index – better lubrication at low & high temperatures
  • Low Vapor Pressure – less oil carryover & less oil consumption
  • Higher Flash Point & Autoignition Temp – increased operating safety
  • Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant

In rotary applications, Biotope-Air™ provides superior thermal and oxidative stability over a wide range of temperatures as well as improved water tolerance and protection against corrosion. It is particularly effective in rotary compressors having oil-injection cooling with high final compression temperatures, or in compressors that tend to form varnish and other system deposits. The excellent hydrolytic stability of Biotope-Air™ is especially important in humid environments.

In reciprocating compressor applications, Biotope-Air™ is used where there are high discharge temperatures. Biotope-Air™ has low volatility and low carbon-forming tendencies, which result in clean compressor operating conditions. Another benefit of Biotope-Air™ is its compatibility with elastomers and paints found in older machine that were designed for use with mineral oil.

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