Biodegradable Synthetic Oils

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Bio-Based Synthetic Oils

Biodegradable Oils are available for operational situations in environmentally sensitive regions. The reality is however that regardless of working locations or situations, any spill of conventional mineral based oils is an expensive and time consuming event. Whether you are working near or above water ways, on golf courses or ski resorts or situations with heightened environmental oversight these oils will provide an assurance that any spill will not cause damage and delays to your job site.

Our Bio-based Synthetic Oils are Environmentally Sensitive

More and more contracts for tender and working sites are demanding environmentally sensitive products as a working part of their operations. Many companies are meeting these requirements with vegetable-based oils which in any sort of adverse conditions simply do not meet the requirements of today’s equipment specifications. Basic examples of this are that in cold conditions vegetable based products thicken and won’t flow and in high heat they over heat and coagulate causing damage to the inner workings of the equipment.
Bio-based synthetics not only meet or exceed the required lubrication values of the OEM’s in most cases they will last up to 4 times longer than conventional mineral based oils. This results in reduced failure of lines and connections and improved functionality of your equipment.

Biotope Gear biodegradable synthetic oil


A bio-based biodegradable synthetic gear fluid specifically formulated to provide excellent thermal and oxidation stability, reducing operating temperatures to ensure superior service life. Use of this product results in minimal gear, shaft and bearing wear all in a readily biodegradable, non-toxic environmentally friendly formula.

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Bio-tope Air™ by Lubri-Lab


This bio-based environmentally sensitive, synthetic fluid for compressors provides a new approach to both the environmental aspect of this oil and its high performance in air compressors. While applicable to all types of air compressors, rotary compressors and reciprocating compressors are suited to the significant tolerances of this product.

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Biotope-Hydrau™ by Lubri-Lab


A biodegradable synthetic hydraulic fluid designed for sensitive applications is fast becoming the hydraulic fluid of choice. Biotope-Hydrau™ is compatible with conventional seals, resists corrosion and easily separates itself from water and debris in the separator/filter before recirculation.

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